Sober New Sexy

15 Reasons Sober is Absolutely, Utterly…. Sexy!


Some people think that they need to drink to look and feel better about their image, and most of all, self-esteem. To that I say “BULL!” You don’t need alcohol to make yourself or someone else look better! Heck, you don’t even need to go to a bar for that either. Instead, hit a meeting, get some coffee and a dose of sobriety to stay sexier than hell!  Are you in? Because here are 15 awesome, and spectacular ways that sober is so effing sexy!

  1. No more drunk goggles! And oh yeah, I mean that stuff you thought was sexy when you were drunk definitely isn’t when those drunk goggles are off! Which means your true perception can shine through in sobriety and THAT is sexy!
  2. Hangovers suck! Um… that one is for sure true. You wake up looking like a hot mess and your gut isn’t killing you! No more hangovers for sure. That’s definitely sexy!
  3. No more extra body/water weight! You know that little budge you get when you drink too much beer, too many times, well… all the time? Instead, if you’re sober all the time you might perhaps even get a six-pack of abs, not a six-pack of beers! That is utterly sexy!
  4. You don’t wake up in strange places anymore. What else is there to say? No one likes not knowing where the heck they wake up!
  5. You don’t wake up with strange things written all over your body! You can’t be sexy with Sharpie all over your face and body!
  6. The drunk texts have ended! On both ends…
  7. You are able to read again! And no that’s not because the lines and letters are blurred, it’s because you have a whole sense of self and a good peace of mind to sit long enough to get something good in!
  8. You can sing better than you did at drunk karaoke, “Don’t stop, believing. Hold on to that feelinnnggg!” And you know you’re sexy in that spotlight!
  9. You’re never THAT thirsty! The only thing you drink is water and we all know water is amazing for your body, and if that body looks good, we are sober and sexy!
  10. Music sounds so sweet! And not the kind you sing, but the kind that is blissful to your ears. You are frolicking and jumping for joy about how sexy sobriety can be to let yourself enjoy a full song, just for today!
  11. You can run and be healthy instead of running from something. That is huge for us! You don’t have to run from your demons anymore! You’re so fast, but your recovery is faster.
  12. You are strong! Well… that’s sexy all in its own! And I don’t mean your muscles. I mean spiritually, you are a beast! Sexy, sexy, sexy!
  13. Your pillow is your best friend. When you want to take a nap, you’re not always out catching a chase! It’s a sexy feeling to be so serene with yourself!  You even fall asleep in your serenity t-shirt too… so sexy!
  14. Your breath doesn’t stink! Nope, it doesn’t smell like alcohol anymore. What a cool thing to be sober and sexy!
  15. Sober is sexy because recovery is the best thing that ever happened to us! Plain. And. Simple!

There may be a lot of reasons that you feel sober and sexy, but these are some of the reasons we believe work for many people.

What are reasons why you think sober is sexy? We encourage you to share your story about sobriety and/or recovery with us at  Lets move this recovery movement forward together. Because we all know that sobriety is much, much sexier together, than alone!