There is a powerful movement sweeping across the country.  It’s enthusiastic, it’s exciting and… it’s the new black. It’s called sobriety. It drives us to be the best versions of ourselves, to live honest and clean lives, to reach out to our fellow friends in need and to help spread the positive message of recovery.

It’s cool to be sober, it’s hip not to drink, it’s trendy to push drugs away and to say no.  Enthusiasm for life without alcohol and drugs is so present in the USA right now.  It’s driving us to do more with our lives and to show the world that recovery is possible. That’s what we are doing at Sober City USA.

Inside this site, you will find inspirational stories of recovery, tales of recovering alcoholics and drug addicts that have survived their bottoms and are now living remarkable lives.  You will also have access to the coolest and trendiest sober apparel and merchandise.  Only in Sober City USA, will you find this style of sobriety!



To provide an online sober community where people can come for advice, inspiration and to share and hear stories of amazing recovery.  Sober City USA is home to inspirational apparel and merchandise for the recovery community.