Gratitude. Without It, You Have Nothing!

Gratitude. Without It, You Have Nothing!

This is the simplest way to stay grateful…

Years ago I was struggling with my shoulders. They were hurting!  I had a rather big head on it and I couldn’t seem to find a way to gain any sense of humility. So, with all of my struggles and woes, my sponsor suggested that I write a gratitude list.

Whenever I start to feel like my ego is taking over, or that my life is in the dumps, or that a task at hand seems impossible, he tells me to take the list out and read it.  Instantly, I feel better…

I now keep a journal of the things I am grateful for.  I started with about 10….  Over the years it has turned in to a book of gratitude; pages full of love, blessings, and thanks.

Ever wonder how to write a gratitude list? Let me show you:

  1. I am grateful for my parents
  2. I’m grateful for my wife
  3. I’m grateful for my friends! (The ones that stuck around…)
  4. I’m grateful to be alive
  5. I’m grateful to be in good health
  6. I’m grateful to be able to smile today
  7. I’m grateful for you reading this
  8. I’m grateful I can read this, let alone write it!
  9. I’m grateful for my education
  10. I’m grateful for being able to go to college
  11. I’m grateful to be a business owner
  12. I’m grateful to be able to help others
  13. I’m grateful to have others want to help me
  14. I’m grateful for being able to support my family
  15. I’m grateful people gave me a second, third and fourth chance
  16. I’m grateful for my brothers
  17. I’m grateful for my hobbies
  18. I’m grateful to be able to sleep a whole night just for today
  19. I’m grateful to wake up without a hangover
  20. I’m grateful to be healthy (it’s okay to repeat things)
  21. I’m grateful for my sobriety
  22. I’m grateful for my new baby on the way
  23. I’m grateful for my clients
  24. I’m grateful for my new clean morality
  25. I’m grateful for honesty in my life

You can keep going and going.. and you’ll notice that you might repeat some, that is OK.  This list took me only a few minutes.  It’s easy once you get started, and you should feel relief from the insanity, immediately!!

This is the essence of a gratitude list.  I hope you find as much comfort in building and reading it as I do.