Who Am I

I’m not who you think I am…?

Dear World,

In places like this, right here, where you are reading this blog there contains a sense of unity. Most would say, we are nothing alone and that we pick each other up in times of need. But it’s not just about that either, is it? We are here through thick and thin for each other. And this parallel extends into a different realm as well. I am not who you think I am…

I am not Sober City USA, that just simply isn’t me. I mean, yes, these stories are mine in a sense, right? But in another way they aren’t solely mine. We share that sense of togetherness with addiction, alcoholism, and mental health being a universally humane struggle. So it would be callous to say that this is all me, or I was somehow doing this without each and every one of you supporting. Right? I’ll answer that one… right!

I'm not who you think I am

Courtesy of vividlife.me

When you attend somewhere like a self-help meeting you aren’t going for the sole purpose to get a cup of coffee and listen to another Joe tell his woes from battle to battle. You are going because you can connect with that battle, you’ve been in that battle in some way or another, and in some way you’re standing right beside him/her on the other side looking back on it, too. So the truth comes with why is this not just me? I know I couldn’t do it without you, but do you know that? Let me explain further…

Coming to somewhere like Sober City USA, where there is more of “us” in a sense, is like a comfort unlike anything else. We feel like the outside world does not, and cannot understand our struggles. But within this little—or now growing big—unified meeting spot, we begin to feel whole again. You could even call it a home? And this is where we get the ideal behind the word home-group from, as well. But what makes Sober City USA more than just my story?

As I write my mind, thoughts, and prayers down to a tee in this blog for you, I do, start to feel better. But I’m not feeling better simply for the fact of writing it, even though, yes that does help. The fact of the matter here being is that I know somewhere out there, someone is listening… just like you. I know that my message is being received, like I’m giving my open talk to not just a support group I would attend, but for the world to read, love, and adhere to, together as many times as it takes for us to heal together.

Courtesy of jewishunityproject.com

Courtesy of jewishunityproject.com

I know that somehow and someway this writing is not all for nothing and that this isn’t just my story. We are unified in this humanly struggle, we are together in this battle, and we are, or will be recovering together at some level. And I can safely say to you, “I’ve been there…” or on the other hand when I struggle you can say to me, “It’s all going to be okay, I know what you’re feeling.” And this right here is why I am no saint or savior, I am just another man putting his feelings out there in hope to bring sanctity to a difficult situation, where we all can join hands and stand with our right foot forth, and coming together with a big virtual hug saying, “Thank you my friend for being here…” and knowing that “you helped me, as much as I helped you, just for today.”

This is why I am no martyr for a cause, although I may be taking a different stance on the recovery movement. And it makes me more than happy to say, this website may be Sober City USA, but I am not alone in this battle when anyone asks, “Are you Sober City USA? Who are you?” Because I know what my answer will be, and it will be one of unity, service, and recovery; and for the world to know “WE are Sober City USA.” We are this movement, we are it, and I couldn’t do it without you! So, truly thank you for being here and happily please, keep coming back to spread the message of sobriety in recovery!

Loving you just for today, each day,

–You, me, and the rest of Sober City USA

Ps. Have you “been there and done that?” Share your story with us on the site by emailing it to Chris@SoberCityUSA.com