Liz, Alcohol & Drug Recovery Organization, Kansas City

I think the cards are great. They are also good quality cards. I think they are perfect for a younger target market. There is a unique and wonderful enthusiasm for all things sobriety, I and many others experience in early sobriety and these cards will be a hit!! All the counselors upstairs loved them and asked for multiple packs to give away!”

Jamie – Executive Director, Sober Living House

“I absolutely love these cards…what a fun and creative way to spread the words of recovery, and to inspire and support individual sobriety.  In my early days, I didn’t understand, or really even believe, most of these slogans and phrases, but thankfully I hung around until I did and they’ve made all the difference.  I still use them everyday and these cards help keep them front and center.  We’ll be giving them to all of our residents this Christmas.  Thanks and great job!”

Grant B, Kansas City

“These cards are awesome. I use them with my sponsors and to lead AA meetings. We use them as ‘topic starters’ – pull out a card, read the slogan and apply it and tell the room what it means to you I see a trend starting with these cards. What a fun and interactive way to carry the sober message”

Carolyn, Licensed Psychologist & Certified Substance Abuse Counselor

When I was introduced to these new “inspirational playing cards for those in recovery,” I became very excited about their potential therapeutic use! As a former clinician and clinical director in the recovery field, I could see many positive uses for these cards both within the treatment and recovery communities! They will make great ice breakers for a therapy group by passing them out to each person present and having them explain what their understanding of the phrase or “what the phrase means to them.” I could also see them being useful in the sponsor / sponsee relationship or perhaps as a reward or “gift” for hard work as those in recovery work the 12-Steps or toward achieving their goals. I’ve offered to talk with the recovery community in my area and to encourage them to try this new “therapeutic tool.” I encourage each of you reading this to do the same!

Wilderness Program Therapist

“I am a therapist and I use these cards in treatment all the time. I tell my students that they can play cards as long as they memorize the slogans and discuss them. The adolescents I work with really love these cards. What a fantastic way to get the right message across. Whoever thought this up is a genius.”

“These cards are awesome!  I am a big guy on meditating and when I got mine I realized you can play cards and have fun with them. What I also do when I need a spiritual reprieve, I pull some cards out and mediate with them as that is a part part of working a good program of sobriety, hence SOBER CARDS!
They can honestly be used for bigger things than that too. You can lead a meeting with them or you can play all sorts of games that aren’t in a typical game setup. Like making your own sober games from sober cards, literally the possibilities are endless with this type of a motivational product.  It’s like a motivational speaker through the cards, it’s great!”


“Sober Cards can be a very powerful tool to make an impact in recovery. Not only is playing cards always fun, but this deck of cards helps remind those of us in addiction recovery to stay sober by talking to his/her subconsciousness. We use these cards at our Addiction Blog office in a few ways:
1. We choose a card a day for affirmations.
2. We shuffle and randomly choose messages before meetings.
3. We play cards!

Sober Cards features different motivational slogans and quotes and can serve as an inspirational activity while in recovery. Whether you decide to play card games or just shuffle the deck and pick a “card of the day” and read the motivational quote, fun and encouragement will be a part of the process.”

Chris, 6 Years Sober

I have a few ’24-hour’s behind me and by the grace of God this continues… It doesn’t matter how many years I have sober or how many meetings I attend weekly; I am still restless, irritable and discontent throughout my days.  All I have to do is pull out a deck of these Sober Cards and I can instantly find serenity in the haze of the day.  I can feel great about my life inside of 5 minutes by just going through these cards and saying them out loud.  They are a great tool for my sober living!!