What do Relapse Dreams Mean?

When I start to miss meetings, I start to get complacent and uneasy. These feelings are often followed by drunk dreams, or what I call relapse dreams.  Not the, ‘oh I had a random drinking dream.’  These are the dreams that are so vivid and so full of the fun and excitement that was once […]

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Fun in Sobriety – Top 10 Ways and More

Fun in sobriety can sometimes feel like an impossibility. However, with a little imagination, positive support from friends and family, there are countless ways that you can have fun while sober.  After all, we’re not a glum lot!  After a decade of sobriety, activities that don’t involve alcohol have become commonplace for me, but I […]

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This All-American City Caused My Alcoholism!

My secret was that I was a certified addict struggling with alcoholism.  I didn’t want anyone to know, yet everyone that knew me and saw me, understood one thing: I was out of control.  So what did I do?  I moved from Kansas City to Los Angeles to get away from it all.  Mainly, I […]

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