01.My Sober Cards Journey

My Sober Cards Journey

I went to rehab on March 15, 2010; not kicking and screaming, rather: emotional, anxious and scared of what my life would look like living sober. I saw a lot of things in treatment, mostly because my brain was clearing up and I was starting to realize it’s full potential. I was starving for good, clean fun and some wisdom. Two incredible things about my 30-day sober stay: Dairy Queen down the street and the sober inspirational slogans that everyone kept using.

I played a lot of cards and heard a lot of sober slogans while I was in treatment.

‘Idle hands are the devil’s playground’ is the one that my counselor kept telling me. I used to analyze that quote and daydream about it while playing cards. What did that really look like and how was I going to keep busy when I left this place? It was imperative that I had a plan when I left.

With a newfound respect for sobriety and this clean brain I was now working with, I wanted more slogans. I started attended AA meetings and they were hanging all over the rooms. I was hooked. I loved learning these new sober slogans and applying them to this now daily emotional roller coaster I was on. They were helping me get through my days, sober. I was taking it ‘one day at at time’

So here we are, almost 9 years later and I have not had a drink since I stepped into treatment that day. I thank God every day for giving me a new shot at life. These Sober Cards are inspired by my experience while in treatment, they are a collection of my very favorite inspirational sober slogans and they still keep me sober today. I am grateful for them, for you and for my life in sobriety!



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