The Sobriety Journal – Perfect Alcoholics Anonymous Gift




This 96 page Sobriety journal is perfect for those in recovery celebrating a sober anniversary, just getting out of treatment or those of use wanting a spiritual guide in the mornings to get started.

Check out this new Sobriety Journal – the perfect Alcoholic’s Anonymous gift.  Each page has a different motivational and sober slogan on it – to remind us of our journey and to reflect on.  The back of the page is for your daily gratitude list.

Idle hands are the devil’s playground, right? That’s why Sober City USA created the Sobriety Journal. Our sober journals provide people in recovery an inspirational and engaging way to reflect and meditate while they stay focused on the road to sobriety.

The Sobriety Journal provides the inspiration we all need to heal and grow along spiritual lines.  Recovery is possible!  One Day At A Time Idle Hand’s Are the Devil’s Playground KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid Keep Coming Back It Works If You Work It Easy Does It Let Go and Let God These are just a few of the sober slogans used inside the journal.

Give them to sponsees, newcomers, friends celebrating sobriety anniversaries — makes a thoughtful and unique recovery gift!



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