21. The Top 10 Sobriety Gifts to Give Your Favorite Recovering Addict or Alcoholic

The Top 10 Sobriety Gifts to Give Your Favorite Recovering Addict or Alcoholic

Someone you love is celebrating a sobriety anniversary (thank God, right!?), and you want to get them a creative sobriety gift to mark their special day. Whether you’re a supportive friend or family member, a sponsor whose sponsee is finally getting that one year, or just another grateful recovering alcoholic/addict trudging the road, somewhere on this list are the perfect sobriety gifts for their big day.

Top 10 Sobriety Gifts to Give your Favorite Recovering Addict or Alcoholic

  1. Recovery Coins
  2. Sober Cards
  3. A Study Edition Big Book
  4. Wall Art: Saint Francis Prayer
  5. Recovery T-shirts
  6. A Good Sober Time with Loved Ones
  7. Meditation Box
  8. A God Box
  9. Time and Love
  10. Your Old Chip

1. Recovery coins
It’s funny how a round, tiny piece of metal can mean so much, isn’t it? Picking up the chip is the pinnacle of every sobriety celebration. If the birthday guy or gal is your sponsee or romantic partner, getting them a fancy medallion is almost mandatory.

This recovery gift idea comes with one important caveat: Sponsors and partners should check with each other first to make sure the other hasn’t already picked one up. One medallion is fantastic, but two is kinda… not.</

Where to get them: Every fellowship has its own coins, so check out the website of the celebrant’s favorite “A.” Brick-and-mortar recovery gift stores sell fancy chips too, but be prepared to spend almost double what you’d spend online

2. Sober cards
This is a fun and novel idea: Get them a deck of Sober Cards. Each card in this deck of playing cards is adorned with a different motivational slogan to remind players of the path they’re on. Sayings include all the old favorites like One Day at a Time, Easy Does It, and Let Go and Let God, plus newer faves such as Don’t Quit Before the Miracle Happens and We Are Only as Sick as Our Secrets. People are loving these unique sobriety gifts

Where to get them:  Sober City USA

3. A study edition Big Book
How about a leather-bound copy of the book that started it all? These hardcover books come with lined pages opposite the text for notes, numbers alongside the paragraphs for easy reference, as well as footnotes documenting the 79 changes between the new copy and the original manuscript.

Where to get one: The Anonymous Press

4. Wall art: ‘Serenity Prayer’ or ‘Prayer of Saint Francis’
You can’t go wrong with either one of these popular recovery prayers. Bill W. included the Prayer of Saint Francis in his discussion of step 11 in the book, “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions,” and of course, just about every 12-step recovery meeting in existence begins with the Serenity Prayer. A lovely framed version of either one makes a great recovery gift.

Where to get them:  FramedArt.com

5. Recovery T-shirts
There are some funny/clever recovery shirts out there for the addict/alcoholic who isn’t shy about telling the world they’re in recovery. How about a “Rule 62” shirt, or a “Sober AF” one? Or the “Sober Sleeve” T-shirt — a super-soft, vintage print tee featuring popular sobriety slogans in a tattoo sleeve design. These make a cool sobriety gifts for anniversaries.

Where to get them:  Sober City USA

6. A good sober time with loved ones
One of my friends in recovery, Emily, says, “The best gift of them all is when I get to have dinner with my friends to celebrate.” Why not treat your loved one to a dinner out with friends? Order a piece of birthday cake too, and get the whole restaurant in on singing. No one has to know it’s a sobriety birthday, not a belly button one (or, tell ’em! We weren’t afraid to be drunk in restaurants, so why be afraid to be sober in them?)

7. Meditation books
Thoughtful, yes, and supremely useful — just ask any addict or alcoholic who’s let their daily 11th step slide. Meditation books make great recovery gifts that your loved one will (hopefully) use year after year.

Where to get them: Any bookstore, online or in real life, has these.Hazelden has some popular ones, too.

8. A God Box
A God Box is a little decorative wooden box that you use to give your worries to your Higher Power. The idea is to write down what’s troubling you and then place the piece of paper in the box, thereby signaling to the Universe that you relinquish control of fixing the problem. Of course, it doesn’t have to be wooden, and it doesn’t even have to be a box; it could be a jar, a velvet bag, or whatever.

Where to get them: You can buy one outright, or buy the materials and decorate it yourself.  Michaels has all sorts of plain wooden boxes you can paint and decorate.

9. Time & love
Shana is a recovering addict from Laveen, Arizona. She says just the effort to remember her sobriety anniversary is enough. “Whether it’s a phone call or a well- written post or letter, time is definitely the most valuable gift I’ve received,” she notes.

Why not buy a heartfelt card, pick up some flowers, or get balloons? Or make a cake? Or all of the above? Tell your alcoholic/addict how proud you are that they’ve turned their life around.

10. Your old chip
This one only works is you’re in recovery yourself, of course. The most meaningful sobriety gifts are often the coin you yourself picked up in a prior year. “My sponsor Dave gave me the first-year chip that his beloved sponsor Jim gave him for his one year,” Patrick says. “It was after Jim passed, and I knew the depth of that relationship, so that felt really special to me.”

You know the saying—you can’t keep it if you don’t give it away. Happy sobriety birthday to your loved one! Enjoy the magic of every day.

Megan Krause is a recovered addict and freelance writer living an amazing, sober life in Phoenix, Arizona. Connect with her on LinkedIn


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